Chickens! Meet Roy

Roy is a recent addition to our chicken flock. He was gifted to us by Ken’s daughter.

Roy is a silver laced wyandotte and is a gentle soul that has taken a liking to my husband. He runs to Ken anytime he is in site and follows Ken around as he’s doing his chores around the house and yard.

Unfortunately the hen’s, aka Kaye and Dora, seen behind Roy with full comb, took a dislike to him from the start. I suspect they are responsible for the condition of his wing. He was fine until one morning he was not. I suspect they knocked him off the roost. His broken wing does not impact his ability to eat and get around the property.

Needless to say the 2 hens rule the roost.

In this photo we see Roy front and center, Dora behind with comb, one of the 3 black jersey giants behind and a one of 3 golden laced wyandotte up on the wall.