Morning Ramblings – between seasons.

Good Morning,

I want to talk today about something that’s been rolling around in my thoughts – it’s about being in limbo – between seasons.

I recently had a conversion with a colleague who said they are in between seasons and they felt it. It made them feel a bit off, not ready to leave, not ready to begin. I loved their honestly. Their willingness to say “Well things are ok but not perfect.” in response to” how are you?”. I could relate to where they were at.

It takes some courage to tell the truth socially. To be open with each other. But when we tell each other how we experience the world, we are given the chance to connect. And connection is powerful. Her honesty made it easy for us to go forward and discover more about each other, allowing the conversation to flow and connections could be made. She gave me something to think about.

The concept of being a bit off / between seasons is understandable this time of the year – being mid March and all. March always makes me feel in limbo. Too many days like today are cold and rainy. You do what you can and then wait for warmer, sunnier days.

The garden has been calling to us and we’ve planted what we can for our area. You know pea’s, carrots, potatos and onions but still too early for tomatoes and peppers. I’m anxious to get started but I know for most plants, any work done now will be wasted effort.

Each day I see changes are happening here. Spring truly is just around the corner. Sometimes it’s in the promise of the warm southerly breeze and sweet smell of something in the air, greening up of grass in the valley, the bare trees barely showing buds, the fruit trees showing signs of life, or the hint of blossoms forming on the dogwoods across the field outside my office window. Even on this cold, cloudy rainy day, I can see that spring is coming.

Our chicken’s are also feeling the change of season. Roy our rooster finally discovered he’s male. Oddly he only fancies 1 of the hen’s. A beautiful golden laced Wyandotte I am calling Lady since she’s Roy’s lady. He’s not interested in the other 11 hens in the flock, just her. We’ll see if that changes overtime. For now she is the only one he mounts and is the only one allowed to roost next to him at night. That is the happy couple below Photo on left is Lady front and center Roy to her right and ever present Dora keeping close eye on things. Photo in middle shows a better close up of Lady’s chest feather’s her’s are golden with less dark outlines as compared to my other 2 GLW’s. Photo on right is one of the other GLW’s notice she is much darker.

Of the 10 chicks hatched 9/21/2020 at least 4 have started laying eggs in the past week. With the 2 hens that laid eggs all winter long we’re now up to 6 eggs a day. Soon we’ll have eggs coming out of – well you know where. It’s a good change, after the hard winter we had. I’m happy they all survived and are thriving.

Other changes we started a project to put a home on our property for my sister who will soon be retiring to TN. Her modular home has been ordered. The foundation for the home is completed. Paper work started for the financing, water lines have been brought over. We still have work to do like septic and electricity. None of that can be done until the home is on site. So we wait – in limbo. Again it’s a change that we must wait on. I’m excited to get the house up and running. The home will have 4 bedrooms giving our guests a bedroom to sleep in rather than on a cot in my office. Below picture of pad where the home will be placed. I think she’ll have a wonder view.

Here on the homestead changes are happening slowly but with deliberate momentum. Thinking back to what my colleague said, it’s hard for her to move forward when things are out of alignment, but moving forward is part of life. Moving on is part of life.

So learn to celebrate the small changes, taking a step towards a goal, even a tiny one is progress forward. Every tiny step adds up. With tiny steps the delapidated cottage on left was transformed into the home on the right. Every step was well worth the effort and definately worth the wait.

Thanks for reading, for letting me share my thoughts with you. I hope you have a good week,