My Coop

In 2020 my husband gave me the best birthday gift a country girl could want, a chicken coop he designed and built himself. His design is both effecient and practical for our needs. The coop house is 8 x 12 wood frame construction.

The coop is split into 2 sections – behind the door is storage area with a screen door that goes into the chickens area.

One of the many neat features of this coop is our solar setup that runs the automatic chicken door and LED lights. You can see the solar panel on the roof in the image above. The battery storage in the left image on back wall.

Another feature I like are the vented windows. These windows are placed all around the coop and can be closed up for the winter or open wide in the summer to allow ventilation. Wh have the ability to run power source to the coop to operate heaters and / or fans.

The run is 8 x 10 and surrounded with hardware cloth on all sides. There is a people door and a chicken door that leads into the run area from the coop.

You might be wondering what the structure is inside the coop. This is what I call the coopette. Ken sectioned off the lower portion of the coop for chicks. He put an electrical plug in so I can hook up a heat source in the winter for the babies. The coopette has a wooden top to protect the chicks from poop from roosting hens. There is an access hatch on top and the door swings open.

During the day my hens were out of the coop so I could allow the babies to run around and explore the coop. Early on I kept the chicken door shut until I felt they were ready to explore the run.

We remove the coopette once babies are integrated in with the flock.

I could go on and on about my coop! I know the chickens are happy. They especially love looking out the windows when on the roost.