Ida’s coming

It’s Sunday afternoon – just checked the radar to see where IDA will end up. Looks to be heading right over us. We are in the dot of lines between Memphis and Nashville.

Hoping this doesn’t turn into another Hurricane Olga event that left the town’s of Decaturville and Parson’s without power for 10 days and extensive storm damage to clean up.

Today we are prepping for whatever happens. Charging up the battery on the generator, filling gas can’s and vehicles up with fuel, charging up all the flash lights, making sure we have plenty water on hand, pulling together all the power cords, etc.

Olga’s path in 2019 had Decaturville on the eastern edge of the storm. This is why we had so much damage. I am hoping that the damage from IDA will be minimal. Time will tell. Hoping everyone in IDA’s path will be as safe as possible.

We did not expect Olga to turn into the weather event that it became. Olga brought us straight-line winds. We lost 8 ancient cedar trees as a result – the trees either blown apart or simply uprooted.

Ken was not home when this storm hit and he couldn’t get up our road due to several downed tree’s all along Martin Ln.

I thank God to our builder Brian who put up the garage. That building held up with out issue as did our little cottage!

This time IDA will not catch us unprepared like Olga did.

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